Ferragosto | August 15

Making and eating holiday foods from around the world is like a magic carpet ride, transporting us across space and time. Ferragosto traces its roots back to 18 BC, when the Emperor Augustus-—in typically Roman fashion—consolidated Italy’s summertime harvest festivals under his own name as the “Feriae Augusti.” Today, the holiday honors both its ancient… Continue reading Ferragosto | August 15

Valentine’s Day | Coeurs à la Crème

Like little girls who decide they don’t love pink anymore–even if it was the only color they would wear for years–we went through a stage of not loving heart-shaped things. They seemed too sweet, too silly, too obvious. Luckily, we got over ourselves, and are now big fans of this lovely, light dessert which translates… Continue reading Valentine’s Day | Coeurs à la Crème