Chinese New Year | January 28

Chinese New Year begins this weekend, so bring on the firecrackers, red envelopes, dragon dances, and delicious food. Last year, we made some delicious dumplings which were also super pretty, if we say so ourselves. Our second time around we’re loving crispy scallion pancakes and these irresistible chocolate dumplings inspired by the ones at the amazing Bao on St. Mark’s Place:… Continue reading Chinese New Year | January 28

Tamale Party! | Epiphany, January 6

One of our favorite days ever occurred several years ago when we gathered with a group at the home of our dear friend Gina–the most accomplished home cook and crafter we know–to learn how to make tamales, the delicious steamed bundles of corn flour dough that are traditional Mexican holiday treats. Wrapped individually in banana… Continue reading Tamale Party! | Epiphany, January 6