Memorial Day | May 30

Memorial Day is one of those mixed-up American holidays that began as something solemn and metamorphosized into a celebration. While it honors the American men and women who gave their lives in the U.S. military, it has also become the de facto kickoff to summer and grilling season. Originally known as Decoration Day, after the practice of decorating fallen soldiers’… Continue reading Memorial Day | May 30

Greek Easter | May 1

For Orthodox Christians, the biggest holiday of the year, hands-down, is Easter. Orthodox Easter is a highly religious holiday, befitting the solemnity of the miracle it commemorates. No bunnies, no baskets of candy, no pastels: it’s an all-hands-on-deck, church-going, late-night affair. Luckily there’s delicious food to keep everyone going. The Saturday night of Easter weekend is… Continue reading Greek Easter | May 1