Peanut Butter and Jelly Day | April 2

For those of us who grew up in the 1980s, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich was ubiquitous. It wasn’t just the default lunch option, but also the fall-back snack, playdate and birthday-party meal, so if you didn’t like it, you were badly out of luck. Zanthe is still haunted by the ghosts of all the PB&J sandwiches that defeated her with… Continue reading Peanut Butter and Jelly Day | April 2

Holi | March 12 & 13

Some celebrations are remarkably similar across far-flung culture lines. And some, like Holi, are unique. A Hindu celebration of spring, Holi, known as the festival of colors, has become popular even in non-Hindu communities in recent years thanks to its unusual and, dare we say, Instagrammable tradition of throwing or smearing colored powders and paints… Continue reading Holi | March 12 & 13

Mardi Gras | February 28

Rice dishes hold a place of honor in cultures across the globe, and they are also the kind of perfect, one-pot recipes we reach for when we’re pondering family dinner. Whether it’s Spanish paella, Indian biryani, or arroz con pollo, there’s no meal more satisfying than a bowl piled high with fragrant rice, sautéed vegetables, and… Continue reading Mardi Gras | February 28