Valentine’s Day | Coeurs à la Crème

Like little girls who decide they don’t love pink anymore–even if it was the only color they would wear for years–we went through a stage of not loving heart-shaped things. They seemed too sweet, too silly, too obvious. Luckily, we got over ourselves, and are now big fans of this lovely, light dessert which translates… Continue reading Valentine’s Day | Coeurs à la Crème

Martin Luther King Jr. Day | January 15

For Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we had a bit of a conundrum: could we try to acknowledge such an important man and movement with food?  And how could we pull it off without seeming shallow or stereotypical? A quick search revealed that King’s favorite dishes were traditional Southern ones: fried chicken, macaroni and cheese,… Continue reading Martin Luther King Jr. Day | January 15

Saint Lucia’s Day | December 13

There’s a love for all things Scandinavian these days. We aren’t sure whether it’s our current political situation that has some longing for utopian socialist democracy or simply the timeless appeal of concepts like hygge, especially as the winter sets in (hello, first snowfall of the season!), but it is all around us. One of… Continue reading Saint Lucia’s Day | December 13