Día de Andalucía | February 28

Andalusia is the seductive, southernmost region of Spain, home of bullfighting and flamenco dancing, where Muslims, Jews and Christians have left their mark through the centuries in the culture, architecture, and of course, the food. This is the Spain of your dreams, where travelers go to discover whitewashed towns, freshly caught seafood, spicy chorizo, sherry… Continue reading Día de Andalucía | February 28

National Clam Chowder Day | February 25

One surprise when we started thinking about this blog was discovering how many, many special days are dedicated to food on the American calendar. Whether grilled cheese or oysters is your jam, rest assured there’s a “National Day” devoted to your favorite treat. Did you miss National Margarita Day? Make a calendar note for next year. We could fill… Continue reading National Clam Chowder Day | February 25

La Chandeleur | February 2

  One of the pleasures of writing and cooking for this blog has been discovering the common threads between familiar holidays and those we’d never heard of before. Our next culinary celebration is a perfect example: La Chandeleur, or Pancake Day, in France. La Fȇte de la Chandeleur is another post-Christmas holiday, falling exactly 40 days… Continue reading La Chandeleur | February 2