Schnitzel & Red Cabbage

When we crafted our mission for the Festive Food Project–to bring amazing, celebratory dishes to a larger audience–we knew we’d be diving deep into familiar holidays as well as exploring more far-flung traditions that were new to us. What we didn’t expect was the new things we’d learn about the holidays we thought we knew:… Continue reading Schnitzel & Red Cabbage

Saint Nicholas Day

Spaetzle with Mushrooms & Cranberry Gingerbread

As we approach the end of our first year at the Festive Food Project, it’s fitting that we’ve also reached the Big One, the winter holiday season. Although lately it feels like Christmas decorations go up the day after Halloween, we’re never truly in the holiday mood until we’ve digested the Thanksgiving feast. And as… Continue reading Spaetzle with Mushrooms & Cranberry Gingerbread